It all starts with a sale – unless of course you are a Marketer who knows you should market before you can sell. The difference between Sales and Marketing is well defined by the comment that Sales is Selling what you have; Marketing is having what you can sell…
At Hammond Recruitment Solutions, we understand the nuance, and more importantly understand the industries and know the players involved in both it.
Good marketing (and sales) is not industry specific. Having placed senior Sales and Marketing people in to exceptional roles for many years we have seen (and been responsible for) a lot of movement between industries. Notably, on one recent assignment for a listed property company, the brief was to find the very best Marketer, not someone from the property industry, because the company in question believed they had the best property marketing people available already working for them. The person we secured came from the travel industry – and proved to be excellent in his new role!
While we can argue that good Sales and Marketing is universal, every business and every potential employee is different. At Hammond Recruitment Solutions, we ensure that we thoroughly understand the business opportunity and requirements in order to attract and match appropriately skilled and behaviourally aligned individuals perfectly.
Most of the Sales and Marketing people we place are not actively looking to move. Generally, the best people are very happy in their current roles because they are very good at what they do and are recognised as such by their current employers. Hammond Recruitment Solutions adds value for our clients and the people we place in to roles by proactively approaching the right people with the right opportunity and “selling” that opportunity on behalf of our clients. We are “selling” and “marketing” every day.
Some of the Sales and Marketing roles we recruit for are:
Account Director
Account Manager
Assistant Marketing Manager
Business Development Manager
Chief Marketing Officer
Digital Marketing Manager
Direct Marketing Manager
Group Marketing Manager
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Sales Associate
Sales Director
Sales Executive
Sales Manager
Sales Professional

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